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Iron Monkey

The Iron Monkey is a master of combat from Mooshu who many Pirates must meet during the promotion of some companions including Egg Shen and Kan Po! The question many people are asking however, is can you get the Iron Monkey himself to join your crew?

Even Pirate101’s Community Manager has flagged up how frequently this is being asked, whether it’s on the official forums or the Pirate101 Facebook page! The short answer is no, but the slightly longer answer (3 whole letters longer, to be exact) is maybe.

In today’s Companion Corner I ponder… could the Iron Monkey join us on our adventures through the Spiral?


My made-up drawings of how an Iron Monkey companion’s promotions could look… but probably wouldn’t!

I’ve already touched on how popular the Iron Monkey is in the community, and I can’t disagree! How could you not consider this extremely fast, fist-throwing monk anything less than the coolest dude in the Skyways? KingsIsle has a great track record of listening to their fans, so I very much doubt that this is the last we will see of this character. He, or at least a similar character, is sure to pop up somewhere in the Spiral in the future, at which point we may get the opportunity to add them to our crew!

His speedy punches among other attacks actually remind me a lot of an old cartoon I used to watch — some of you may know it — called Dragon Ball Z. When fighting this guy I half expected him to throw out a “Kamehameha” (a special move from the show) at any moment!


A “Kamehameha”… could you see the Iron Monkey pulling off one of these? (image source: dragonball.wikia.com)

I started thinking about, in the event that the he does become a possible companion, what the Iron Monkey’s promotions might look like. I have to admit I may have gotten a tad carried away as I drew this guy for a bit of fun, and somehow made up some very different looking higher tier companions compared to what the Iron Monkey actually looks like. When drawing these I did take inspiration from the show I mentioned before. In the show, crazier hair basically meant even crazier power, so I thought this would be the perfect way to represent this guy’s growing strength!

Real companions usually improve aesthetically after a promotion by showing off a new hat, some new gear, or an awesome weapon, so if the Iron Monkey were really to become an addition to our crews, I suspect the people at KingsIsle would come up with something very different but equally creative. But hey, it was fun to completely change up how this guy could look! Who knows, maybe this mini-monkey really could grow into a fully-fledged ninja — although I think the Ninja Pigs might get jealous.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, what other characters have you spotted throughout the Spiral that you’d love to have on your crew?

Good travels to ye!

- Inky John